A portrait session in Arizona with Airstream Photographer, Rich Charpentier

Being an Airstream Photographer

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"Kelly", by Airstream Photographer Rich Charpentier

Kelly, shot in the Granite Dells.

I am truly an Airstream Photographer.  Not only do I photograph Airstreams whenever I get the chance, I’m also a photographer who lives and works out of an Airstream.  Double bonus there!

Since 2006 I’ve been photographing the places I’ve visited, the places the Airstream has been parked, and everything around each location.  Landscapes, small town pictures, portraits, and commercial work.  My Airstream has been my primary working location for 9 years.  And over the course of that time I’ve shot a lot.

Shooting when I get the chance

Sadly over the last few months I’ve been too busy creating websites for customers all over the U.S. to focus on a lot of fun Airstream photography.  From the time I wake until the time I go to bed, I’m always looking for new ways to generate more business.  It’s part of being a small business owner, and I’m sure many of you reading along understand completely.

Fortunately, when I have the opportunity to get out there and shoot I take it!

Yesterday we did a shoot with a local friend.  She had wanted to do something a little different.  A cool vintage outfit, the beautiful rock formations in the Granite Dells, and a set of monsoonal thunder heads that just couldn’t get going.  The combination of all the elements was awesome!

And when the shoot was over?  We all made our way back to my Airstream to visit and kick back.  Kelly and her husband Nate spent a little time with us as I began off loading the images we had just taken.  We sat outside the Airstream talking about RV’ing, about younger people choosing a full time RV lifestyle, and getting work done in a space that’s under 200 square feet.  They were both quite intrigued.

After a good portion of photos were downloaded I shared a few that I had flagged while we were shooting for Kelly to review.  She was tickled to see the images.  And I was happy that I can actually practice my craft in an incredibly small space, and that good works can be created no matter where I go.

A portrait session in Arizona with Airstream Photographer, Rich Charpentier

A second image from last night’s photo session with Kelly

RV Photography from the road

Our sister site, Living in Tin has the latest full explanation about doing portraits while on the road with your RV.  The article was well under way weeks ago, and I saved the finishing touches for last night’s shoot.  Combining work and fun together in my case!  If you’re curious to learn about how these types of images can be created, even without a studio or store front, you should pop by Living in Tin and give it a read.

It’s funny how one simple shoot can make me feel more like an Airstream photographer again, and less like a small business owner who is constantly scrambling to find the next client.  Maybe I should shoot more often, just for fun!  🙂

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