Wrapping up August of 2015

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It’s been a busy month here at the Airstream Chronicles.  You wouldn’t know it looking at this blog, but as I said in an earlier post, checking our other sites will clue you in.

Since the start of August we’ve posted 15 new articles over at RLC Design.  We’re on a push to get more information to clients and future clients about our business.  Remember, nobody here at The Airstream Chronicles is retired.  Full Time RV’ing doesn’t mean you’re retired.  This month we’ve talked about website design failures, security issues for small business website owners, custom photography for business websites, overpaying for website hosting, and many more topics.  I know, probably sounds a little dull and you’d rather hear about the latest trip, but honestly we can’t take big trips without a revenue stream, just like any other person out there!

Beyond focusing on our own business, we’ve been doing a lot with our client sites as well.  The Frame & I in Prescott Arizona just hired us on for doing their regular site maintenance and SEO work.  La Mesa RV recently signed up with us as well.  And we’re working on getting a few other clients to sign up.  With every new signup that means I’m spending more time on client sites, and less time on my own site.

Stepping away from client work, we’ve also been busy working on articles and video for Living In Tin.  This month we put up a full length article on visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, boondocking opportunities, and thoughts on visiting the area for RV’ers.  I’m a huge fan of the North Rim, and glad to have visited there several times now.  Many people have the Grand Canyon on their “bucket lists,” and in my case I’ve been to both rims several times over.  I guess I should count myself lucky!

So, what’s been getting updated in total?

You really want to know everything we’ve been up to this month and worked on?  You must have some serious time on your hands, or you’re just super bored.  Okay, here’s the list:

So there you go.  If you need your website fix from us, take a look through all of those sites.  It will put you back in the know for what’s been happening here!


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