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Keeping up with the Airstream Chronicles

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The other day I received a note from one of our regular readers.  It was a pretty simple note.

Where are you?  You haven’t blogged here in days!

What can I say, they were correct.  I hadn’t blogged here in days, but I was active elsewhere.  So, where else can you look to see what’s been up here?  Well, I’ve got a list, and it’s a long one.  🙂

  • Instagram:  If you’re looking for the quick updates, iPhone photos, and an idea of where the Airstream is, follow my Instagram feed here.  Interestingly enough, the front page of this site also has a collection of my Instagram photos toward the bottom of the page.
  • Twitter:  My twitter feed includes business postings, travel postings, the Instagram postings, and more.
  • Facebook:  Normally my Instagram photos appear here as well, business postings, and occasionally a little fun banter with old friends.
  • Living In Tin:  This is the sister site to the Airstream Chronicles.  It’s a premium site (subscription required to read everything), and I include bigger posts on places we’ve been, where to stay, photo tutorials, and more.  Just the other day a story went up there about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • RLC Design:  RLC Design is my business website.  Often I post over there about website design, working with RV Parks and Resorts, and other interesting stories about using the Internet to reach your potential client base.
  • Client Sites:  I have plenty of client sites.  We’re still working on 2 more in Florida right now, and we’re doing the work remote.  But if you’re ever curious about what we’re working on, just look at our customer list and you’ll have an idea about what’s up.

So yeah, the regular reader who wondered why I hadn’t blogged in days was totally correct about this site.  But not about my lack of blogging.  Somewhere everyday I’m posting something from the Airstream.  There are just so many places to do it now!  🙂


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