Big Game Hunting at Point of Rocks: Kotamundi, Mountain Lion, or something else?

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Wouldn’t you know.  Laundry this morning.  Basket full of dirty clothes making my way to the laundry room.  Glasses were of course off once more.

And there was that same old guy from the other week….looking up into the rocks and pointing.  The maintenance guy who works here was staring into the rocks with the older gentleman.  One pair of binoculars went between them.  Something was moving around.  Something big.

It stands to reason by now that you’d expect me to put my @#@!% glasses on when I head to the laundry room.  But really, there’s normally not much to see in the laundry room.  Washers, dryers, coin slots…..I can make them all out without my glasses.  I can even feed the right amount of quarters in with no visual aid whatsoever.  So, who the heck needs glasses for laundry day?  Well, I do, because I miss out on the big game!


Finally, PROOF......!

I felt pretty deflated.  Missing out on “something” in the rocks.  Something moving, something wild.  Maybe something not of this earth…….

We’ve had a total of 0 alien abductions from Point of Rocks to my knowledge.  Big foot is nowhere to be seen, the Loch Ness monster does not dwell in Watson Lake…..but you never know.

Later in the morning I returned.  Laundry folded, packed away, and ready for another week.  Another busy week by all indicators….good stuff!

After running a few errands, doing banking, and visiting Fry’s to pick up some thinly sliced Virginia Smoked Ham from Boars Head I came home and had some lunch.  For those who need to know every detail, yes, I did have some of that extra yummy ham.  It was good.  You should go get some too.

With lunch finished I decided that a nap is in order.  I poked my head out for a moment and saw something in the rocks which totally messed up the napping concept.  This time I had my glasses on.  This time I saw something sitting on a peak.  Just sitting there in an upright position.  And from my vantage point it seemed to be a decent size.

For once I was ready.  The 70-200mm lens was on the 5D.  I ripped it out of my LowePro pack and started bounding up the rocks.  Yes, I do in fact bound and I’ve had witnesses on occasion. Finally I picked a point in the rocks and fired off a few photos.  It still wasn’t clear to me what exactly the critter was.  Kotamundi is what I was thinking.  Finally I got one!

One amazing feature of the 5D is its 21MP sensor.  I can totally zoom in on things in my photos.  And I had something to zoom in on……my Kotamundi.

I sat down in the rocks after a few shots and hit play back.  Zoom, zoom, zoom……and there was my critter……


A Squirrel-a-mundi distracts this photographer from the mountain lion right behind the rock.

A big squirrel.

You know, the adrenaline is still pumping. How am I going to nap now?  Seriously, it’s my one day off and I got all wound up for a squirrel.

Thinking about the photo of the mountain lion Pat showed me the other week I’ve got to say my squirrel photo looks very similar….only mine isn’t all in shadow.  I’m wondering about a visit to the eye doctor soon…….  🙂

I’m going to try and nap now.  I’m sure the mountain lion will perch itself behind my window the moment I doze off…..probably with a squirrel hand puppet just to taunt me……

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  1. Ooohh, a rare glimpse of the local squirrel syndicate. You risked life and limb while taking this photo. Just hope that squirrel can’t identify you… 😛

    At least you got a shot of something. Just call this one a practice run for when your bobcat is around. 🙂

  2. The “squirrel hand puppet” is what made me finally lose it! We’ve all had those moments, but you’ve got quite the flair for story-telling. Nice write-up! 🙂

  3. Post

    Glad that gave you a laugh Jason. I will be heading up into the rocks tomorrow for a look around. I’ve seen the Kotamundi up there (yes my glasses were on), everyone else is seeing the Mountain Lion in that spot….now this enormous squirrel. There’s something about that spot, and I’ll investigate!

  4. Squirrels are evil. One of them busted through my kitchen window screen and stole muffins from my kitchen counter. I kid you not. It’s a long story. Perhaps I’ll email you about it.

  5. OK. That is a HUGE squirrel…I mean, seriously! Who needs the mountain lions when you’ve got one of those in the area?

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