Blinkies….how did I forget them?

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I left something out of the previous post. Blinkies. They’re pretty important to me, and I totally left them out. Sorry about that!

“Blinkies”, or the technical term, Highlight Warning, really help in my HDR setups.  On DSLRs you’ll find burried in your menu the option of turning on Highlight Warnings.  These warnings show up on your image to identify areas where you’ve over exposed.  For regular shooting or HDR, blinkies are wonderful helpers!

So, what do blinkies do?  They blink!  When you review a photo over exposed areas flash on and off to let you know you’ve lost detail in the shot.  Very important for any photo, and very useful for HDR shots.

When you’re looking to get extremes like under exposure and over exposure, having a highlight warning can show you where you’re at.  That simple.

So, next time you’re out shooting, give blinkies a whirl!

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  1. Are they almost as important as binkies and blankies? 😉

    good lord.

    The exhaustion is making me delirious and fooling me into a false sense of comedy…

  2. Rich,
    After joining Access13 here in town, going through their video training and shooting some footage (if it’s digital shouldn’t I say bits/bytes or pixels? oh well) I used a similar tool on the Sony cams. Instead of “blinkies” they’re call “zebras” for obvious reasons. A very useful tool especially on the fly. Helps keeps your eye on the exposure zones.

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