Bogus information at LinkedIn – Should I even care?

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Imagine my surprise finding that I now have multiple employees!

Billions of years ago somebody somewhere sent me an invitation to use LinkedIn.  And for some strange reason I signed up.  Though I rarely use the site.

This morning I got a contact request from Shekhar Lohani.  Apparently this person works for R.L. Charpentier Photography.  Hmmmph!  The request was made as a co-worker.  Really, how weird is that?

After receiving the request I went and checked out my company’s profile on LinkedIn.  What I found was very odd.  Apparently I’ve got several people working for me.  Follow the link for yourself and you’ll see that Shekhar Lohani, Ibraheem Karim, Lilia Toutou (I like that last name), and Chris Dippon claim to work for / or consult for R.L. Charpentier Photography, LLC.

Here’s my thinking.  If these people did actually work for me they’re all a bunch of slackers!  I mean, here I am getting in at 7:30 every day to keep up with the printing, the book keeping, returning customer calls, etc, and not one of these losers even has a decaf with soy cream and sugar waiting for me.  Quite frankly, my bogus employees suck at their jobs.  If they actually worked here I’d fire the lot!

Well, maybe not Lilia Toutou just because I like her last name.  I might give her a second chance…..oh wait, she lives in France…….

Let the bogus firings commence!

So, this morning I sent an e-mail to LinkedIn to let them know there’s monkey business afoot.  I read their policy on removing fake employees, made a screen capture of my Company Page, and now I’ll wait.

The question is, should I really care?  I mean, a few folks decided to pretend they work somewhere, right?  Is there any harm in this?  I’d love some feedback on this one.

Oh, and I am wishing for an Intern here now.  Gotten that busy.  So, if any of the fake employees out there actually want to do some work for me, for free of course, drop a line!  🙂

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  1. Are you aware a person is unable to get into your Contact and About Rich at the top of your page? In any case, I wanted to thank you for your blog. I’ve enjoyed the postings on your travels in the desert and the excellent books you’ve recommended. So here’s a tip for you to avoid wasting your money on loser films like “The Losers”; go to Metacritic and you’d see the film got a 44 rating. Movies with a rating of 65+ are the ones worth watching. The site: Again, thanks for your blog.

  2. Sounds like RLC is a little top heavy – to much management and not enough widget makers. I’m confused about one of your students. A Wireless Communications Technician Student? Really?

  3. Post

    John, I’m aware. There were major problems at my hosting company yesterday. Today everything should be working. Thanks for the heads up.

    To the President of RLC…… How come you’re not paying me better?

  4. Yes, you should care. It’s the first stage of identity theft when people do stuff like that. It means you have been targeted and they are working their mojo on gathering as much information as possible.

    Always be concerned when people who you know nothing about suddenly are trying to associate themselves with you and more importantly, your business!

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