Break out the long underwear!

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Northern Arizona does get cold.  Believe me, each morning I say, “Brrrrrr!”

Fortunately I’m remembering to turn the heat on each night.  So no long underwear needed during the nights under the blankets.

Going out and about is a different story though.  We’re seeing 30’s during the evenings, and if you’re looking to roam around after sunset you might find things a bit nippy.

Saturday evening Sadira and I planned to meet up downtown for the lighting of the courthouse.  It’s a big event around here, and apparently Prescott is Arizona’s “Christmas City.”  Ah, an official Christmas City eh?  The lighting must be something to behold.

I finished up at the “tie over job” headed home and bundled up.  Cold was on order for the evening!  And it was extremely cold.  What a way to celebrate leaving the old behind and starting up with the new!

My friends Caitlin and Tony also decided to pop down for the lighting.  Unfortunately they missed the official lighting, but they did arrive shortly after.  We walked the town, enjoyed the light display, and finally decided to dine over at the St. Michael’s Hotel (they have “Rich Safe” food there).  A very pleasant evening, even if we all were a little chilled.

Tonight I’ll be breaking out the long underwear once more.  See, there were way too many people on the square Saturday night.  No way I could setup the tripod, try a few HDRs, etc.  Now that the square is lit though I thought it would be really cool to try an HDR or two of Arizona’s Christmas City!

If you’re in the area and want to go shooting, pop down to the square around 9:15 tonight.  That’s when I’ll be there.  Make sure you bundle up though, it’s going to be cold again!

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  1. Oh…you did get an OK picture of us, heavens that was a silly photo shoot indeed! I had such a fun time on Saturday, and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate your new found freedom with a dinner out…

  2. 9:15?! You are a wild man! I’ll be heading down there sometime this week, but I’ll be keeping it before my bed time. 🙂

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  4. I’m going to start shopping there a lot now, just so I can keep getting 20 year old managers involved in debates on company policy.

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  6. Oh Boy, do I feel sorry for you! 25 degrees. Wow. Supposed to have a high of -7 this weekend in Montana’s Flathead.
    Rich, as you enter your new job, we’re doing exactly as you request: saying a little prayer, got our finger crossed–and thinking lots of happy thoughts for you.
    Question: when you heat your Airstream with just a space heater and not the main furnace, do you worry about the pipes and tanks freezing up? We’ve had our Airstream in -15 and nothing ever froze.
    Hope to see you in warm Anza Borrego!

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    -7 Bert? Gee, I remember those days back in NH! Stay inside, fire up a wood stove, and make sure you have a black lab to drape across your legs…..

    Actually, the labs drape themselves across your legs! 🙂

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