Building Backgrounds – I’m really having fun with this

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Regular readers know, I get on kicks.  Things get my attention, I start learning like a maniac, and then I get to a point where I’ve got it down enough to really start rolling with it.  The latest kick?  Yeah, the crazed compositing!

The inspiration from this kick initially came from the amazing works of James Quantz.  His stuff blew my mind.  Incredible work, clearly a talented photographer and photoshop guy.  Then of course I found Joel Grimes who is now receiving all sorts of attention.  He’s doing training with the Kelby group soon, I’ve seen videos of him through Photovision, and I’ve checked out his own tutorials as well.  Grimes really got my attention because he likes making HDR backgrounds for his composites.  Well hey, that hits home with me given how long I’ve been doing HDR.  Combining a favorite photographic passion of mine with portraiture is pretty cool.  And I’m just getting started folks!  Check back in 6 months to see where I take it!

Over the past few weeks in my wanderings (very rare, I’m always at the shop) I’ve managed to grab a new back drop here and there.  The latest are below.  Some are already cool on their own, but when combined with the right person they’ll be all that much more!  When I look at scenes now things that I wouldn’t have cared about are now jumping out at me.  And that’s fun!  A whole new set of items on the radar screen.

Well, enjoy the backgrounds, check back often to see who lands in them.  I’ve already got a few folks lined up in the near future, and I already know where they’re going!

Interested in becoming a piece of your own digital art?  Have a theme in mind?  Get in touch!  I’m up for anything now!

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