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A quick trip to Sedona leaves me with some images to HDR

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After talking about HDR and extreme HDR last week I decided to play with one image and give you oh so many possibilities.  Today’s image will be displayed “flat” (as shot), fine tuned in Lightroom, tuned up in Photoshop with OnOne’s PhotoTune, HDR’d in Photomatix and Nik’s HDR Efex Pro.  Every image is distinct from the others.

Image #1 is straight out of the camera.

Next, a quick edit in Lightroom using the Basic tab in the Develop module.  Increased Clarity, Vibrance (up 40%), and increased the blacks to +6.  Maybe I could have eased up on the Vibrance…..


Now, on to OnOne’s PhotoTune.  This is a tool I’m really digging lately for single exposures.  It does a very nice job.

I’m pretty partial to the OnOne edit.  Not too rough, but still enhanced to where I remember the scene pretty close to what you see.  Of course, we all know I love Photomatix, so take a look at the next image to see what I achieved there.


I used one of my “light touch” settings in Photomatix (I make my own presets you know).  It might have been a little too light.  I’d like some more detail in certain areas.  But this one does look realistic as well.

Finally, HDR Efex Pro.  I’ve gotta say I’m still getting the hang of this one.  So I used one of their presets.  Realistic Strong.  I think with more time in use I can dial things in better with HDR Efex Pro as well.  Still learning though.

Well, there you have it.  5 totally different takes on the same scene.  Could I get OnOne, Photomatix, and Efex Pro to get the same results?  I bet I can.  It would just take time tuning around of course.  So, which image is right?  Uh, whichever one you like best.  Once again I’m leaning toward the light handed approach with PhotoTune.  But hey, that’s the one I’m digging.  Like whatever you want to, or don’t like any of them.  Just thought I’d share.

P.S.  The monsoonal clouds up in Sedona ROCKED yesterday.  That’s not why I went up though.  I was actually up there looking for a favorite baked tofu at New Frontiers, but it looks like they no longer carry it.  🙁

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