Airstream RV Travel Solar Power Boondocking

Busy in the desert

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Airstream RV Travel Solar Power Boondocking

The moon rising from our last visit to Imperial Dam in December of 2016

The Airstream is currently on the California / Arizona border.  We’re back at the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) once again.  Since we can work almost anywhere that has wireless signal (thanks Verizon) it’s saving us a little money again this month!

Over the past week we’ve gotten to know another young couple traveling the country with their 3 sons along for the journey.  There really are more and more families on the road these days, and it’s interesting to see.  In the case of our new friends, Mandy & Jason, they’re doing something many people don’t even consider.  Living full time in their RV, working from remote locations, and sharing an adventure with their sons that is pretty amazing.

We met Jason & Mandy through Marvin over at Precision RV.  He’s one of our online clients that we work with, and he’s also the guy who setup our solar power system last year.  He’d suggested that we meet up after getting to know Jason.  “You guys talk about the same stuff….”  That was basically what Marvin had said to me.  And fortunately we had the chance to meet up here at Imperial Dam.

The system they had installed on the Lance Travel Trailer was a little more than we did on the Airstream.  They got the Lithium Ion Batteries, we didn’t.  And they also put a hybrid inverter into their setup, which we also passed on in order to save some money.  But in their case, a family of 5 full timing in their RV?  Yeah, I can definitely see the need for the upgrades they received.  Down the road I do want to install an inverter that gives me AC power throughout the Airstream.

The family seems to be really enjoying the travel.  And this week was their first “big test” of their solar system.  A full week totally off grid with no power sources.  The conclusion for them?  No need to break out the generator at all.  They’re full powered and can use all of their appliances and tech devices at will, with no concerns about power.  Pretty nice.

Before they headed out we pulled together a little interview about their new setup.  And I thought I’d share it here.  As I said, we’re out here working not vacationing, so we’re spending time on our current clients, and working on finding the next new client as well.  😉


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