No resolutions for 2017

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This year I’m not making any resolutions.  Hmmmm……that sounds like a resolution.

Life is fluid.  Sometimes you get super busy in one part of your life and other parts get neglected.  Like the blog here.  I’ve often got stories that I’d like to post here, but by the time the end of the day rolls around I’m so wiped out on looking at the monitor in front of me that I just can’t bring myself to do it.  So we’ll see how the blog progresses this year.  🙂

Of course, no resolutions doesn’t mean no planning for the future.  We’re looking for the next clients for 2017, busy working on our current client projects, and talking about where to go next.  Since we’re still in Prescott waiting for another doctor referral we’re freezing out butts off!

My plan was to be in Southern AZ for the whole winter boondocking as much as possible, but as I said above, life is fluid.  Fortunately I think we’ll be out of here by the 18th or the 20th.  And we’ll be watching the weather maps closely to see where it’s warmer and head that way!

Projects today?

Currently we’re talking with another RV Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.  We’re also talking to a “new resort” in Wyoming.  And I thought this one might be of great interest to readers.  It’s an RV resort that doesn’t exist yet.  The name of the resort is Red Vista Village, and with luck they’ll be open later in the 2017 season.  Oh, and we haven’t done any web work for them yet, so when you see their website it wasn’t built by us.

This is a different kind of RV Resort.  Each site at the location is for sale.  I’ve seen “Ownership RV Resorts” over the years, and this one sounds pretty interesting to me.  It’s located in Ten Sleep Wyoming, and is being developed by the owner of the Ten Sleep Brewery.

The location appeals to me on many levels.  World class rock climbing, a great location, national forests all around, not too far from Yellowstone, and an interesting park concept.  Plus compared to other resorts that have owners rather than renters, the costs are more reasonable than I expected.

I’ll keep you updated about that site as the year progresses.  They’re looking for 50 people interested in buying into the park, and if that happens you’ll probably read about us traveling to Wyoming!


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  1. Looks interesting. I like WY as a potential home state for the low taxes and proximity to other western national parks. It’s the winters that hold me back but if we’re down in southern AZ shouldn’t be an issue I guess.

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