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I just looked at how long it’s been since I posted here.  Woah!  My worst quiet stretch ever.  Sorry about that.  The Airstream Chronicles deserves better.  I think I need to start scheduling reminders for myself on when to post.  I do that for my customers you know!  😉

So what happened at The Airstream Chronicles in May and June?

Okay.  As you may recall, I headed up to Hovenweep for a few days to test out the new solar power system on the Airstream.  It worked amazingly well.  Seriously, I love the new power system.  And I’m a numbers guy, so I often head back to the control panel to see how much power I’m generating!  Bottom line, the work Marvin at Precision RV did for me is outstanding!  I think I’ll be talking Inverters and Lithium batteries with him sooner rather than later.

After my time in Hovenweep I moved over to Cortez to visit with one of our long term clients, and enjoy a little down time.  While I was in Cortez I stayed off grid as well and kept pushing the solar plant as much as I could.  The record now is getting the batteries down to 81%!

Jodi joined me a few days after I got into Cortez (she had some things to do in Prescott).  And while we were brainstorming about the next park we should work with we landed a new client.  Something totally out of left field for the Airstream Chronicles and RLC Design.  The new client we landed was The Bud Farm, a Colorado dispensary.  Who would have thought……

I have to say, the owners are incredibly nice people.  Very informative as well.  While I don’t use marijuana myself, I learned a lot about the medical uses, different types of products, and found that there’s definitely something to the medical side.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time at the actual store photographing and doing video.  That was left to Jodi, as my allergies played up in a big way.

There’s more of a reason why I’ve been so quiet

Last year I received an updated list of allergens.  Included in that list is sesame.  It’s a bad one for me.  Sesame chicken stopped last year, and I felt a lot better without it.  Unfortunately for me, The Bud Farm is totally organic and part of a list of items they use for pest control is a mix with sesame oil in it.  I breathed in it and voila……anaphylactic reaction.  It made for a pretty rough couple of days.  A run over to the emergency clinic, a miserable afternoon… know, fun stuff.

I’ve continued being a little quiet here on the Airstream Chronicles because I don’t want to turn this into a series of posts about health issues.  The autoimmune disorder is still with me, although for a time it was pretty quiet and I hoped it had just faded into memory.  I’m back in Prescott currently for 1 reason only.  Physicians and testing.  Otherwise we would be somewhere cooler.  🙂

Keep a happy thought for me

This coming Monday I will be knocked out for a good part of the day.  Quality time at Yavapai Regional Medical center.  Then on the 20th another follow up with the latest blood work.  Hopefully after that the Airstream can roll out once more.

So, now I think we’re caught up.  And I will seriously put a reminder in my project management tracking system.  I work on my client sites all the time, and I do neglect this site because I’m working on the customer sites instead.

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  1. Oh no… hope you get the allergies under control soon. We had an Aliner with that pop up dormer in the front where the kitchen was and I could stand up in it with room to spare, even tho I’m 6 ft 3!!! a great idea, and now they have the same on the back, tho it doesn’t look quite as tall I shouldn’t matter as that’s where the bed is.
    Box Canyon Mark

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