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The Solar Powered Mobile Office – AKA The Airstream

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Airstream Boondocking at Hovenweep national Monument.

A photo through my Airstream window toward Currently Wandering’s Airstream. We had a little rain last night!

This week the Airstream is on the road again.  A quick trip for fun, and a little bit of business to do as well.  Of course, I wanted to start off with the fun.  Testing out our new Airstream solar power system in a big way by boondocking in a favorite location.

As long time readers know, I’m a huge fan of the National Monuments in the Southwest.  And one personal favorite is Hovenweep National Monument.  A beautiful campground (no hook ups for power or water), incredible ruins, and something we don’t see often at dry camping locations…….  Incredibly fast 4G LTE service.  So Hovenweep makes a perfect getaway spot where I can still work, but I still feel pretty far out from civilization!

Before I say much more, I’m just going to turn it over to the video I just published.  You’ll get to see a little more, and hear a little more as well.  And yes the Airstream is completely unplugged right now and running on solar only.  It works so well, I should have done this years ago!

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    Wayne, we had Precision RV do the work on our Airstream. Marvin Braun did the installation for us. He’s done a ton of Airstreams and other RV’s and we found that he has a great track record with his customers. You can check him out at PrecisionRV.com

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