Catching up from Dahlonega Georgia

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Last night I neglected to post.  We were a little tired after the last leg of our journey to Dahlonega.  But now we’re wide awake and already hitting the pavement on the next job.

This morning I made a quick visit to “Hiker Hostel.”  Josh & Leigh Saint are the owners, and over 10 years ago I had helped them out with a simple website for their business.  A lot of what I did initially is still on the site to this day!  And it’s time for an update!

My visit this morning was the first time seeing their business.  I have to say, I’m beyond impressed.  It’s a beautiful location, the hostel is incredible, and what they’ve done over the past decade is amazing!  If you’re interested in the Appalachian Trail at all, you have heard of Hiker Hostel.  They shuttle would be hikers to the trail, host them overnight, pick folks up at trail crossings, and so much more.  What we’ll be focusing on over the next week is the “so much more,” as they go beyond just being a feature of the Appalachian Trail!

We’ll be heading back over to their business a little later today.  First I need some lunch!

We’re currently staying at Turner’s Campsites, only 6 miles from Hiker Hostel.  It’s a large park, and pretty nice so far (beyond the heavy gray skies and rain that is).  I’d give you a link to their website…..but they don’t have one.  Josh told me about their location.  And yes, we’ll be talking to them about their web presence.

A wet spider web in front of the Hiker Hostel.

A wet spider web in front of the Hiker Hostel.

Time for some lunch.  I’m updating our daily stats to catch up to where we’re at.

  • Date:  8/10/14
  • Camped at:  Turner’s Campsites
  • Fee:  $36 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $386
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $38.60
  • Mileage:  Yeterday’s mileage was 274


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