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Chiricahua National Monument

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Today I’ve spent the morning grocery shopping, and the afternoon has been spent packing everything up.  We’ll be waving goodbye to Prescott for a little while and heading off to spend some time at Chiricahua National Monument!

This will be the next location that shows up over at the sister site to the Airstream Chronicles, Living In Tin.  We’re slowly covering all of the National Monuments of the southwest on that site, and Chiricahua looks to be a location that will take a fair amount of time covering.  We’re looking forward to it, and we’ll certainly have smaller reports on this site.

While we’re in the area we’ll also be looking for the next client.  There are several RV Parks in the area, and all of their sites could use some expertise.  Weeks ago while we were at White Sands we had a lot of trouble finding out about parks near Chiricahua, so maybe we can help a park or two update their web presence and reach more travelers.

From images I’ve seen of the park I’m thinking we’re going to have a good time photographically.  Interesting rock formations, desert meeting mountains, the whole 9 yards.  With luck and effort we’ll have some amazing images to share from there as well.  Oh, and another tutorial on Photography From The Road, also hosted over at Living In Tin.

For all of our clients, never fear.  Cell phones are with us, and if you need help with anything we can work from just about anywhere we like.  Even on these trips, we never truly disappear!

By the way, if you’re looking for more images, I’ve been using Instagram and my iPhone.  Not the quality of the shots I do with the big gear, but it does give a feel for the places we visit.  If you’re on Instagram, look me up.

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