Boondocking tonight!

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Tonight we’re boondocking near Gila Bend.  Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Chiricahua National Monument.  These days I really like keeping the drive time a little lower, hence the stop for the evening.  5 hours of driving today was enough.

You might be thinking, Chiricahua isn’t that far from Prescott.  And you’re correct.  But I take the long way around Phoenix as I refuse to tow the Airstream through that city again.  I’ve been through enough cities with the Airstream, and Phoenix is the least favorite.  So, going around is what I do.  And it’s a scenic ride through Skull Valley, then toward Bagdad, through Wickenburg, and south toward Gila Bend.

Tomorrow we’ll arrive in the Chiricahua area to start working on the next installment of National Monuments for Living In Tin.  Given the size of the park and the surrounding area, I’m fairly certain we’ll need at least a week to cover the place!  And I’m looking forward to it.  The mountain bike is even packed in the back of the truck, as “I’ve got a feeling…..”

Boondocking in the heat

The inside of the Airstream was a little toasty upon arrival.  We’re just going with the house batteries for tonight, so no air conditioning to cool things down for the afternoon.  And yes, I’ve got a generator along that could do the job, but I’m going to leave it packed where it is for now.

Currently the two Fantastic Fans are sending air out of the Airstream, and one side window on the shady side of the Airstream is open.  Makes for a nice little wind tunnel, and it will cool things off well enough.

Whenever we boondock on warmer days there’s one thing I avoid like the plague.  That’s lighting the stove up.  Too warm.  This is why the Weber grill is always with me during the summer.  Easier to cook outside than inside!


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