Weber Baby Q

A Chiricahua RV Park for the night

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A lone Airstream in New Mexico

Trailer for sale or rent. Rooms about 50 cents….. Abandoned or stored, we’re not sure

Several weeks ago we took a trip to White Sands, and then on to Organ Pipe National Monument.  That wasn’t the original plan though.  Initially we were going to stop into Chiricahua National Monument.  Unfortunately someone (me) forgot that the weekend we planned Chiricahua was President’s Day weekend.  The park’s camping was full, and when we Googled for “Chiricahua RV Park” we came up pretty dry.

The closest parks suggested by Google were all in the Willcox Arizona area, and that still put us pretty far from the National Monument.  So we decided to move on to Organ Pipe and meet up with Bert & Janie.  We figured we didn’t live too far away, and we’d have another opportunity to visit.  And look, we found our opportunity!

Stopping into Rusty’s RV Ranch

After returning to Prescott I did some hunting online.  And what I found were a few parks near Chiricahua, but not many.  And the closest private parks were actually on the New Mexico side of the monument.  Too bad they didn’t show up when we Googled for them.

How about the Garmin you ask?  My answer is “total fail.”  Where we’re parked tonight doesn’t exist on my Garmin at all.  Like so many other parks we’ve visited, the Garmin proves to be about 50% accurate when it comes to RV’ing off the beaten path.

While Allstays showed the parks, I thought I should be looking in AZ.  But the New Mexico side also had access to the park, something I really didn’t know.

So, for the next few nights we’ll be basing out of Rodeo, NM.  After that, over to the Arizona side of Chiricahua.  There’s a lot to see around here, and I have a feeling we’ll be pressed for time.  But we’ll just have to see what we discover over the next few weeks.

Weber Baby Q

The Weber, with a vintage Airstream in the background. Looks like a 27 foot from the 70’s to me.


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  1. Rich & Jodi ,
    Glad you made it to Rusty’s , wish we were with you. If you get a chance , drive up thru Paradise . Interesting country and a small collection of old buildings / relics still in use . Thanks again for taking us to the Promised Land ,we sure enjoyed your company . We skipped the wave and went to WH PKT . Will be back . Got home Fri, Snowing ! If you do any hiking in the Chir. , I’d sure like a shot of the balanced rock . Keep in touch , see you next time .
    dick & pam The dogs are well .

  2. Post

    I’ll get you a balanced rock photo for sure! And we’ll be checking out Paradise as well. Hope you had an awesome time at White Pocket, what a great place!

    Sorry to hear about the snow. It was pretty hot today, but cooling off now. We’ll be out doing Milkyway shots in about an hour! And glad to hear the pups are well. Two very nice dogs, and the right size for an Airstream!

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