Congratulations John & Kassi

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Yesterday we saw the rain we’ve been looking for.  Saturday too.  But yesterday we all hoped the rain would hold off.  Just for a little while.  Long enough for my long time friends John & Kassi to have their day in the sun!

Incredibly enough, the downpours stopped just in time for a wedding on Goldwater Lake.  Guess the weather was with them on their wedding day.

I’ve known the couple since 2007.  And Kassi has been one of my lighting assistants for well over a year now.  So she told me no frills, don’t shoot all day.  When we arrived at their reception I was told to put the camera away.  Well, that’s different at a wedding shoot for me!  😉

It’s great that my friends finally tied the knot!  They’re a great couple and I’m sure they’ll have many years of happiness to come!  Congrats guys!!!  Oh, and we have a shoot in two weeks Kassi so don’t take too long of a honeymoon…..  🙂

I have to say, the hard part of shooting weddings is the ceremony.  I always find myself tearing up when they exchange rings, and it makes it awfully hard to see what I’m doing with the camera!

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