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Ah, just kicking back waiting on a print job to complete.  The life of a fine art reproduction specialist is sometimes a little dull.  Waiting for the printer to finish.  Waiting….waiting………waiting.

So, while I’m waiting I took a look at today’s job accounting on the Z3100.  That’s right, it gives me a breakdown of usage on recent print jobs.  What has it told me?

  • Today I did 8 print jobs in total.
  • I printed 5.07 square feet on Chromata Canvas for David Primrose.  His print used 6.19ml of ink.
  • I printed 4.4 square feet of Chromata Canvas for David Riley.  4.35ml of ink used.
  • 18 square feet of Chromata Canvas for several of my own prints.  22ml of ink used
  • 6.6 square feet of canvas for Ian.  5.42ml of ink used.
  • 6.06 square feet of Allure Rag for a new client.  3.7ml used
  • 7.6 square feet of Chromata for the same new client.  3.96 ml of ink used.

There’s the sum total of the most recent print jobs.  Pretty slick, eh?

After looking at the latest printing I decided to take a second look at overall printer usage.  The usage stats are estimates generated by the printer, but I’ve found them pretty accurate.  There’s a few astounding numbers that jumped off at me.  For instance:

  • I have printed over 1600 square feet of Chromata Canvas!  Wow, that’s a lot of canvas!
  • The next runner up in square footage?  HP PID Glossy paper a fare second at a little over 500 square feet.
  • Allure Rag comes in third, but it’s catching up quickly to the PID.  280 square feet so far.
  • Next, Optica One, the paper we use for Ian’s reproductions comes in a little over 250 square feet.
  • Many other papers have been tested, requested as special items, etc, and they fill in more than 12 other categories.

Not bad for one year of business.  The best part?  The print business is growing, and I’m hoping to expand further and tell you next year that the printer usage has tripled!  Well, goals are good, right?

Can’t believe Sunday will be one year in business.  To every one of my customers and supporters, Thank You!

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  1. Congratulations on being in business for one year….and it appears you have done very well.

    So, with all the info you have shared in this post…what is the cost per square inch for printing on each of these different papers/fabrics

    That would be ink and material printed upon.
    .-= JW Stovall´s last blog ..2009 Smoke Alarm Awareness Program =-.

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