Just got off the phone with Breathing Color……Glamour III is on the way!

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This morning I followed up with Stephan over at Breathing Color.  I needed their shipping address to send out a couple of prints, and I also wanted to ask them if they’re ever going to create a glossy photo paper.  Unfortunately, no glossy in the near future.  So, I think I’ll be ordering sampler packs from other places because I think there’s got to be a better glossy out there.  Stay tuned, when I get to testing in that realm I will be reporting extensively!

Breathing Color does have something new on the way.  Glamour III.  For each piece I send out to clients (canvas) I have been using Breathing Color’s Glamour II.  It’s a great coating, really!  It evens out so nicely on the canvas, adds protection to your piece, and I feel it enhances the final look and quality of every canvas that heads out of here.  I’ve been impressed since day 1.

Apparently Glamour III is all that and more.  Less veneer needs to be applied, so I get more mileage out of each gallon I buy.  And Breathing Color is bringing back a “semi-gloss.”  See, currently I purchase Matt and Gloss gallons of Glamour II.  I then mix them together for each round of canvas to get a semi-gloss look.  Every client I have prefers the semi-gloss to the straight matt and straight gloss.  I’m not kidding.

When I first started printing for Allison Smith she told me to do all her pieces in matte.  On a whim I printed one extra canvas for Allison to check out, and I laid down a semi-gloss on it for her to see.  When she arrived I unrolled all of her prints, and then I unrolled the semi-gloss.  Her response was pretty simple.  “Do it that way from now on.”

Now, with Glamour III there’s going to be a pre-mixed semi-gloss.  That makes my life a lot easier.  Sure, I’ll keep straight gloss and straight matte on hand in case folks want it, but at present every client I have chooses semi-gloss.  Having it premixed just cut down on my mess making, getting it on my clothes, etc.  Yes, I’m a messy mixer, no two ways about it!  🙂

Stephan was kind enough to arrange a pint of the premixed semi-gloss to me.  I’ll save one of the 16×24 Coyote Buttes canvases I printed this morning on Lyve and give the new Glamour III a whirl next week.  If it’s anything like Glamour II then I’ll be impressed.  Check back next week and I’ll tell you what I find!

By the way…..just to make the FTC happy (with their new stuff about blogging and reviews)…….  I am not paid by any company that I write about.  Heck, I don’t get freebies 9.95 times out of 10.  I am getting a pint of the semi-gloss in this instance to try out.  That’s good, and I promise I’ll tell you what I think.  The Glamour by the gallon isn’t cheap, and I’ve already been through 6 gallons this year on my dime.

Finally, my reviews are biased.

They’re biased by my use of a product, not by the manufacturer.  If I find something that works I tell you about it.  Remember, it’s something that works for me.  You might find something that works better for you, and that’s fine.  Please pass it along, I always like to try new products.  But everything I write here is biased by my personal usage, trial and error, and getting to what works for my business.

There FTC……happy?

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