My newest client, Robert Jamason

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Robert's photo of Sean that drew me in.

In the past year working my business I’ve had the opportunity to meet a great number of talented people.  Painters, sculptures, photographers, and more.  Recently another photographer was brought to my attention, and I’ll tell you what, he’s good.  Really good.  You know, one of those guys that makes me feel like a total hack!  🙂

I’m not a total hack.  Different style and different subjects, but man, I can’t wait to watch how Robert works.  Someday……

Robert is a local photographer.  Well, not local to Prescott, but he’s not a far drive.  The guy specializes in people, something I just haven’t toyed with enough.  Viewing his work makes me want to get better at portrait work though!

A little over a month ago a rep for Robert stopped by.  She was shopping for a local printer to do Robert’s reproduction work.  So I spent a few hours taking her through the production process, and I even ran off a few small sample canvas swatches with one of Robert’s images.  The image sucked me in immediately, and my mind was fixated on one thing.  “I’ve got to print for this guy.”

Well, I heard nothing back after the visit with the rep, and Robert’s work faded to the back of my mind.  Glad it was still in my mind a few weeks later though.

A tall black haired gentleman popped into the gallery right before the Coyote Buttes trip.  We got to talking, and I kept studying his face.  Finally I asked him if I’d seen a photo of him recently.  In fact, I had.  Robert’s image that I’d done a few test swatches with was of this guy, Sean!  Extremely cool!!!

Robert's Corporate America, a controversial piece, but an attention grabber!

Days later Sean returned with Robert and his wife.

True story!

Now we’re on track.  Robert is going to be one of my print clients.  And here’s the interesting thing.  We’re trying to help him pick the right items to reproduce for his portfolio.  And we’re also trying to figure out where we can get him in.  You know, galleries.  Not the easiest places to get into, especially as a photographer.  But hey, take a look at his portfolio for yourself and you tell me…….this guy rocks, right?

So folks, I hope to hear from you.  Tell me what you think, and what favorites you find in Robert’s portfolio.  Frankly I can’t believe this guy isn’t hanging in local galleries right now.  Most of the photos in his portfolio are extremely powerful images that leave me wishing I was good with portraits.  And his photos make me want to help him get out there and get nationally known.

By the way…….Robert is a Canon shooter as well.  I feel less alone in a sea of Nikon shooters around me.  🙂

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  1. He’s really, really good but I wonder if he could hold a candle to your landscape prints. It appears that you each have your own exclusive genres

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    Thanks Betsy! Rob and I actually talked about that the other day. He was digging my prints on the wall while I was going through his portfolio drooling. I’ll happily trade secrets with anyone (I don’t really have secrets) and I’m hoping to go on a shoot with him sometime. His big thing…..

    Lighting. The guy brings portable generators and light sets on location with him, and I’d love to see the whole setup.

    Thanks again for the compliment. Big smile here! I’m glad I get to meet so many amazing people!

  3. Robert’s portfolio is brilliant. Would love a few insights into his post processing.

    Really enjoying your outback travels – don’t get that sort fo scnery here in New Zealand.

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  5. Hello Rich 🙂
    and wow thanks for the great write up!! I feel its a huge blessing to be able to meet you and work with you!

    I would be more then happy to answer any questions about my photos, Feel free to ask away 🙂

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