Dear Adobe……the follow up

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You know Adobe, you’re killing me. I mean it. Torture here!

Weeks ago I wrote you to let you know that at the last possible moment I didn’t pre-order CS5 because of a power outage.  To add insult to injury, the money I had set aside for CS5 was used to purchase a new power converter in the Airstream, and to pay for the installation.  Honestly, the power converter cost more than the CS5 upgrade, and it doesn’t do nearly as many things as CS5 does!  Hmph!

Everywhere I look I hear about CS5.  And I hear nothing but good stuff.  Content aware fill?  Oh yeah, that sounds so dang cool!  Better HDR support?  Lens correction, noise suppression, and more……oh man, here’s a moment when spending on the upgrade might not hurt my feelings……

But then there’s the matter of no cash on hand for the upgrade.  All because I wanted power in the Airstream instead.  Stupid electricity!

Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t walk down the path of temptation…..but I downloaded the trial version of CS5 and installed it at the gallery today (no power outages here).  And this morning I spent some time playing with a few of the new features.  And you know what I’ve learned???

You guys suck!

It’s an amazing upgrade.  Tried out the content aware fill on several images and found myself laughing out loud!  Not small laughs either.  This was the enjoyment of my 8 year old self while running around with a plastic Millennium Falcon!  So dang cool!  Seriously.

Then I got around to toying with the HDR tool that you added into CS5.  While I’m still a little new to HDR Pro, I think I can get the hang of it.  I even spent a few minutes recreating a favorite image with the new tool.  While I still like the Photomatix result better, I’ve only been working with CS5 for a few short hours.

Seriously, you guys really suck…….

Would you be willing to take a Paralax Power Converter in exchange for a CS5 upgrade for me?  Please……..

Way to go on a great upgrade.  I’ll play with it for the next month, and maybe, just maybe, if business picks up I can get Photoshop CS5.  Why do I need electricity in the Airstream anyways????

Below you’ll find my first HDR attempt with Photoshop CS5 compared to the image I’d generated with Photomatix a year ago.  Not the same, but I bet I could fine tune it……

Generated with CS5 and HDR Pro. Interesting

I still like the Photomatix results better, but in time bet I can figure out the new CS5 option…….

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  1. Even though I can get the academic discount, Photoshop upgrade prices are way, way too high for the feature set, which is just too cumbersome for almost everything. I’m sticking with Aperture, NIK bundle, Topaz (although the interface is terrible), and the Photoshop-killer for those of us on the Mac: Pixelmator ($59).

  2. Three drives:

    1. OS drive – easily reformatted should the need arise

    2. Data drive – stores all your data files, (images, office docs, accounting, etc.)

    3. Backup drive for #2

    Re-format, re-install everything on #1 every once and a while, just to keep your OS and programs clean and operating at peak efficiency…I’m just sayin’! 🙂
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Creating a Monthly Desktop Calendar =-.

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    Are you telling me something here….? 🙂 I mean, I think I’m following the gist. LOL!

    Mike, they are expensive, but I’ll tell you. I’m impressed. Now, I know for a fact I will be purchasing Lightroom 3, and I really want CS5. Both are useful in my business. But we’ll wait until sales pick up.

    John, you’re always welcome to send along questions. Played with CS5 for about 2 hours yesterday. I like it! I’ll be experimenting further.

  4. So, Rich, what are you running CS5 on? I kinda assume you’re using a Mac since that’s what your frames in the Facebook EXIF post look like. Reason I’m asking, I also downloaded the trial for my (early 2009 era, 24-inch) iMac. I installed it and have never had such a buggy experience; I was shocked, and I’m afraid/hoping it’s something on my end. Anytime I try to use HDR Pro it crashes. Clicking on the Text tool, it crashes. When I installed it I only had Mac OS X v10.6, and CS5 said I should update to the latest version. I’ve since updated to v10.6.3, to no avail. Can you (or anyone else here) tell me what your Mac details are? I may try re-downloading the CS5 installer and completely reinstalling, since I updated the OS after the CS5 install… Feedback would be great.

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    Hey Michael!

    I am in fact on a Mac. Got the IMac September of 08′. 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 Gigs of Ram. Running 10.6.3 as well.

    I did something you might not have right off the bat after installing. I knew I wanted to test CS5 with my Topaz Suite as well. Went to the Topaz website and found out that currently to use the suite you need to run in 32bit mode, not 64, and that an update would be coming. So, I’ve been in 32bit since I started testing it.

    No issues like you described at all. Here’s the link to the Topaz recommendation.

  6. Hmm, okay, I’ll have to try that. I have an old version of the OnOne Plug-in Suite, so I was aware of the 32-bit thing, but I assumed that was just for plug-in compatibility. When I get home this evening I’ll try it in 32-bit mode. Thanks!

  7. Thanks, Rich! I think the buggy experience was due to it running in 64-bit mode (without me booting the machine into 64-bit mode); when I selected to run CS5 in 32-bit mode it was happy, and so am I! The only downside is that now I’ll probably have to upgrade after all… 🙂

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    Oh Michael, that’s GREAT! I started in 32 off the bat only because I wanted to use all the tools I have. Once Topaz has the updates for 64 I was planning on moving to 64.

    I suppose you should send a support request into Adobe about your 64 bit experience.

    Enjoy CS5. I’m having a lot of fun with it!!!

  9. Take the sky from CS5 and the foreground from Photomatix and Voila!

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