Dear Apple – It’s time to upgrade my phone

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And as sad as I am to say it, once again I won’t be getting an IPhone.  The AT&T coverage here in the Prescott area just isn’t that good…..  🙁

After a ton of research and shopping around I have decided on the Droid X.  I know, everything I own is Apple when it comes to computer tech.  And yup, huge ITunes Library.  Man, I’d love to be able to sync just like I do with my IPod Touch.

So tell me Apple, will you ever have an IPhone on Verizon’s network?  I know, I know…..I used to work with AT&T and I defected to Verizon’s network after leaving.  But seriously, Verizon’s network coverage here is so much better!  Heck, clients who come into the gallery loose service in the print room here.  I just can’t deal with that kind of coverage.  But I’d love to have an IPhone!

Ah well, I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about the Droid X.  Maybe next time Apple.  In 2 years when my contract expires……

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  1. Is it really that bad? Please say it ain’t so!

    I’ve got 2 friends here in Prescott with iphones and they said they’ve got no complaints whatsoever. Charlie and I are making the switch in 3 more weeks! I can’t wait! Crossing my fingers that at&t service is improving out west.

    We’re in a pickle because we are with Verizon….great here, sucks in PA. And now we’re switching to AT&T…sucks here, great in PA. Guess we just can’t win! But hey, atleast I’ll have a cool phone! 😉

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    I’ve got several friends with the IPhone here Dina. Yup, it’s a super cool phone, but I know a few folks who have both the IPhone and a Verizon phone as well. Why? They need one phone that has coverage all over here. And like I said, I literally have a few clients who have IPhones that don’t work in the gallery. Too bad I didn’t help build the AT&T network out here, eh? 🙂

  3. I have become tired of the constant stream of rumors and unconfirmed reports that the iPhone is coming to Verizon over the past 18 – 24 months. We all know how Verizon initially passed on the iPhone, for very sensible business reasons. HOWEVER – I’m sooooo done waiting on the deal to take place. The latest is the beginning of 2011… I’m not holding my breath, unlike my Treo who is on its last one.

    The X looks like a rockin’ phone, which might – from what I’ve read – rival the iPhone in many categories. And it will support Flash, for those who care about such things…

    Let us know when you make the jump – I might be right behind you.

  4. The new iPhone 4 gets reception in your print room 😉

    In town is fine for coverage, but data can get pretty slow. There are also quit a few roads and smaller towns with little to no coverage.

    I hope Verizon gets the iPhone simply to get some users off of AT&T’s network. With the new data caps I will be sticking with AT&T indefinitely.

    Oh, and we do have a Verizon phone, but only because Ashley’s work pays for it.

  5. I love my Motorola Droid. In fact, I think that the Android OS is superior to the iPhone’s OS. I had wanted the iPhone so badly when it came out, but since I like being able to complete my phone calls I decided to wait until it became available with Verizon. I’m glad that the iPhone never became available with Verizon because I would’ve missed out on the Droid. Have fun with the X! If you need any cool app suggestions, just let me know.

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    Andrew I’m after the x because it also works as a wifi hotspot. 😉

    Josh, true I did notice your new iPhone works in the print room! Older ones don’t though and I’d forgotten your new one last week.

  7. I read some published rumors 2 moths ago stating that Verizon would have an iPhone 4G as of Jan 1, provided the contract goes the way Apple is insisting.

    Still, I wouldn’t rush right out to get one. Never, ever pays to be on the bleeding edge (says the man with the $1200 dual 8″ S-100 CP/M floppy drive sub-unit in his office collecting dust).

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