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Dear Apple…..what gives?

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A few short days ago I found an interesting warning on my Mac.  My 1 year old battery needs service.

The service warning popped up right after the Raven incident New Year’s Eve Day.  Some major paranormal intervention with my MacBook Pro?  Or has my battery totally flaked?

Last year in February I had to get a new battery for the MacBook Pro.  It was 3 years old, and the battery was tired.  I can understand that.  But a one year old battery totally hitting the skids?  What gives?

Reading around the net over the past few days I’ve found that there might be an issue with the upgrade to Snow Leopard, and that may behind my recent battery issues.  I’ve followed the advice on Apple’s website to no avail.  The battery, when “fully charged” looses power within 30-35 minutes.  Not good.  And not the performance I had a few short weeks ago.

Guess this means I’ve got to get on the phone with Apple’s support folks.  Since the battery is under a year old I’m hoping they’ll help me out.  Those batteries aren’t cheap you know!

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  1. My 2 year old MacBookPro developed a simliar problem. Gets the “Service Battery” message. It runs fine on the battery as long as there’s > 1 hour remaining on the battery. After that, it shuts down or goes from 1 hour to 5 minutes left in a few wall clock minutes. I’m taking it to Argosy this afternoon. I bought the 3 year warranty, so I’ll see how good that is.
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  2. Update on my MacBook Pro battery: I took it to Argosy West (next to the post office), where the tech ran a test on the battery (took 2 minutes) and determined that it needed to be replaced. Apple warranties batteries for 1 year, even if you bought the 3 year warranty – unless the battery is swollen. My new battery will cost $130, they ordered one for me and I’ll pick it up in a day or so when it comes in.
    So, Rich, they’ll test it for you and if it’s less than a year old you are in luck.
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