Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It……..Apply It?

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Well, one of the New Year goals was to do 1 class per week on Kelby Training. And so far I’m sticking to my goal. The first “Big” class for me? Scott Kelby’s “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It.”

What can I tell you? It was a great class. And like everything else when it comes to Kelby, it left me all inspired and ready to work with some of these techniques……..Only, I’m going to need something extra……..


Well, technically I let the sun light this. I did shoot it. But I didn't retouch it. This is Rob, and he'll be my source for models.......

Fortunately, I think I might be able to find one or two now. Months ago I wouldn’t have known where to find anyone. All I need to do now is ask Rob Jamason for some spill over of the folks that all want to be photographed by him. Given the fact he’s been holding my wide angle for a while now, I think he can probably help out.  Plus, once folks here that I’ve done Kelby’s class, plus the fact that I’ll be doing his Portrait Retouching class next week, I think they’ll just be beating down my door………



Oh well, Rob owes me, so hopefully I’ll get to “Apply it” soon.  🙂  Plus once I tell him about all the online training I’ve been doing I’m sure he can sell folks on the idea that a rabid Landscape photographer can do something good with people photos…….  Well, like I said, he owes me for the lens time so he can work out the explanations all on his own.

Sometimes I’m a real wise apple, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about signing up for the training, but the caveat for me has been just that – how to apply it since I don’t have a lot of models beating down my door…maybe I should come down for a visit with the both of you and see where things go! 🙂

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    There are so many instances where you can apply it immediately. Matt K’s Lightroom stuff, Layers stuff, etc. His classes rock. RC’s web design, new WordPress tutorials (which I will watch even though I know wordpress well), the Flash stuff, etc.

    Then I’ve discovered other instructors, other courses. The Model Release class was great, the sample releases are all on my hard drive.

    So, the training site is definitely worth the $$$. There are some classes where yes, after you’ve watched it you really want to do it, but extras are required! Like beyond models, I want some more soft boxes…….Kelby likes to spend my money! 🙂

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