Death by a million paper cuts…..

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Well, in this case, death by a million pixels.  Actually several million pixels is more accurate.

Clients dropped off an original small snap shot last Friday and I started into it.  Pretty clean photo to be honest.  And if I was reproducing it small we’d be all good.  Unfortunately, the clients want this image at a 20×30.  So, scan at high resolution and get it sized.  The issue when you start getting big from a very small image (3×3 and then crop) is that you show all of the imperfections big time!

The image above is one little swatch from the final image.  Scratches, cracks, spots, you name it.  And I get to clean those up.  Sure, Photoshop’s Dust & Scratches filter can help to a degree, but we’re also trying to maintain as much detail as possible.

The solution?  Spotting by hand.  The big stuff is easy to get to, the smaller stuff?  Yeah, it’s a pain.  But in the end the print will look great, and that’s what the clients care about.  The final result!  🙂

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