Grid spot play

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Christmas did not see a lot of goodies here at the Airstream.  Santa had faxed me earlier in the week and pointed out that I don’t actually have a chimney and since I didn’t have milk to go with the cookies he would not be by.  Sure, I’d offered Vanilla Soy milk, but the big guy has his standards.

Pay what you owe Santa!

I did buy myself one present for Christmas.  A 1/4 and 1/8 Honl Grid Spot for my Canon Speedlites.  I’ve already got the Honl Speed Strap (which I love) and gels as well.  But up until recently, no grid spot.  Hey, I didn’t know how cool it would be to have one until I watched the One Light DVD.  Then I was all over the grid spot concept.  You’ve already seen a little of my toying with it, but today I did a little more.

Kassi and Jodi had a little time this afternoon, and they were both willing to freeze and work for peanuts.  Literally, they worked for peanuts today.  When we returned to the Airstream to off load pictures we broke out the dry roasted peanuts while we reviewed photos!  Mmmmmm…..peanuts!

We wandered into the Dells, cameras, speelites, stands, softboxes, and all the rest in hand.  Mud, sand, ice, snow, water……all still out there.  And when you got into the shade?  Brrrrrrrr!

Kassi was looking forward to trying out the grid spot.  And she was so enthused that for a few shots we used 2 strobes with grid spots.  I know, we’re not very exciting people if we get all worked up over grid spots, but there you have it!

A cold day in AZ

Jodi has the coolest red jacket! Like how directed the light is? Yeah, grid spot fun!

Jodi was all over getting into this crack in the rocks. It was all good until the desert rats tried taking her away.....

Laughing at the photographer.....ah yes, that's how it is!

I’m still getting used to such a focused light.  Point it a 1/2 inch here or a 1/2 inch there different and the subject disappears.  Literally, they just walk away because they know they’re not lit.  And they know it’s my fault as the photographer…..  A learning experience to be sure.  Can’t go loosing your subjects.  People will start talking.  “That’s the guy who totally misplaces subjects when he doesn’t put the light in the right direction….dozens have been lost in the Dells!”

To Kassi & Jodi, thanks.  You rock!  How many people would go freeze their @#$%!’s off to play with light?  We’ll have to do this again real soon, only warmer!

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