Running another big George Molnar canvas!

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One thing I can say about George Molnar is that he does really BIG canvases.  This weekend George let me know that we’ll be needing another “On Top of the World” canvas.  So, even though the gallery is closed today I came in.  Hey, it’s for George after all.  And it’s rumored that he is the most interesting man in the world.  Just rumored…….

This particular piece will be 34×48″.  I’ve run it once before and it looked fantastic.  Can’t wait to re-run this one again!

The added benefit of working with someone like George

There’s an extra bonus when I do work for George.  He really really appreciates the work I do.  And that makes working with him all the better.  See, I know it’s his work, but when I’m done making a canvas for an artist I feel like it’s mine as well.  Every time I see one of the reproductions I do there’s a lot of pride.  Lot’s of painters let me know how much they appreciate the final reproductions, George included.  It’s nice to hear, “You’re the best printer I’ve ever worked with” on a regular basis!

Thanks to everyone of you who believes in my work.  I appreciate it ever so much!

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