Does Rich Still Take Pictures?

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Customers from out of town came by looking for this image....yesterday. So, I shot it today!

For regular readers, you might be asking that question. I understand the question completely. It’s been a while, hasn’t it.

The simple answer is “Yes.” Taking photos is still fun, and I want to get out and do more. The truth of the matter……. I’ve been busy at the gallery, and my personal revenue stream has been down, therefore I haven’t been out to any super cool locations lately.

This morning I hit that breaking point.  The one where I just had to go shoot something.  Fortunately I had a few ideas in mind…..

Just yesterday I lost out on a sale.  It was an image I had yet to make.  The courtyard at the Hassyampa.  I just haven’t taken an image there that I liked yet.  The customers did get some other Prescott pieces, but they left disappointed that I didn’t have a very specific image of the hotel.

Every time I go to photograph the old elevator at the Hassyampa it isn't lit. Today it was!

So this morning I went and re-shot around the hotel.  I got one that I like too.  🙂  I got a few others there that I liked as well.

The railing begged to be photographed!

The railing begged to be photographed!

After shooting around the hotel (again) for a while I made my way back to the gallery.  A customer was waiting for me.  More canvas to run.  That’s always a good thing.

Once I wrapped up with my client I grabbed the tripod and the 5D once more and ventured over to the Bird Cage Saloon.  Now, I’m not a bar person.  But I thought it would be cool to shoot the interior of a bar or two today.  I mean, it is Whiskey Row, right?  Eventually I’d like to shoot in Matt’s, Jersy Lil’s, Holligans’, and the rest of the booze halls in town.  Just to say I did it……..  🙂

Before noon, and yes, there were patrons there already. On the bar....two bloody mary's.....

Keep in mind.  None of these are final edits or anything.  And none are for print.  I just had to get out and exercise my camera!  🙂

In the Firehouse Annex, right next to the Ian Russell Gallery

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  1. I thought several times about going into the hotel, but didn’t. If I read correctly and remember correctly, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright designed it. All cool shots.

  2. That’s a neat shot of the Firehouse Kitchen Rich! I hope you poke in and take some progress shots during the TI build out.I’m going to need some shots of my Italian Plaster I’m putting in for the owners Matt & Aaron.

  3. Love the elevator shot. The colors are terrific. Have you seen/tried PTLens, an exceedingly simple app for correcting barrel or pincushion distortion, perspective control, and other ills? Only $25 for quite a nice suite of features that you might find useful among your add-ins.

    PTLens is available at

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