Firehouse Luau Preparations

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott 2 Comments

This weekend is coming up fast.  And Saturday’s Luau event should be interesting.  Beach sand volleyball, pig roast, live music?  Yup.  Oh, and don’t forget Pyroklectic will be spinning fire here Saturday night.  No worries, this is an old fire house, and there will be a lot of Prescott’s fire fighters here since its a fundraiser event!  🙂

Getting ready for the Luau we decided to do something fun here at the gallery.  I’ll be setting up a background for portraits.  And if folks would like, we can photograph them and pop them on a tile where it looks like they’ve taken a trip to Hawaii.

In total I have 3 different licensed images from Hawaii.  You pick your scene, and we’ll get you there.  Hey, it’s cheaper than an actual trip to Hawaii you know!  Want to see what we’ll be running?  Ah, you’ll have to stop by the gallery and take a look.  No sneak peaks on the blog today!

See, playing with masking images and photoshopping sometimes does have it’s upside!

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    Woah, sorry for the delay in response. The big stuff starts up around 4 p.m. Runs through 10 p.m. Pyroklectic will be there, if you still want to photograph fire dancers! 🙂

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