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Found a Wifi Hotspot…..

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So, been out of town for a few days, and I stumbled across a WiFi Hotspot today.  Thought I’d share two images with you.  The blog will be getting regular updates again soon…..   🙂  Guess where I’ve been???

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  1. Love these shots, but the second one just makes me go “Wow!” I am guessing you ventured outside of Arizona as I don’t recall the area having such luscious greenery! My guess is either Colorado or New England given your current living area and history! 🙂

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    Great guesses one and all….. and nobody guessed it at all, even though on the main page of my blog there’s a “Where’s Rich Now” button that connects to my Find Me Spot Page. I did in fact send a location track while on the trip.

    Well, leaving the gas station with the WiFi Hotspot now. I’ll be home tonight! Sure hate to leave!

  3. I was checking the Spot link daily – and kept getting a strange error message…

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