A seaside resort feeling

From Casa Grande

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A seaside resort feeling

I don’t know why, but as I walked around this morning I felt like I was at a seaside resort community.

This morning I woke up just a few minutes after sunrise.  I meant to wake up before sunrise, but hey I over slept just a little.  As always, everything looked the same in the Airstream.  It’s home.  But when I opened the door?  Yup, I’m in Casa Grande.

I seriously have those moments when I open the door and forget where I am.  Home is always with me, but what’s outside changes from time to time.  Kind of fun if you think about it!

My intent was to get out and start photographing the park before it became too hot.  Also there’s the whole “golden hour” when it comes to photography.  And the golden hour didn’t disappoint at all.  Warm images this morning, that’s what I got.  And I’m off to a good start to be sure!

What I wasn’t expecting this morning were clouds.  Actually, the morning is now turning out overcast which is just fine by me.  The temperatures aren’t rising fast, which means for the moment that the air conditioner is off!  I’m all for white noise at times, but running the AC round the clock becomes a little draining.

The park that we’re working with in Casa Grande is an RV & Park Model Resort.  Over 700 sites!  And during the winter the place is booming with activity.  During the warm months?  A little quieter to be sure.  Still, there are full time residents here and the park is open year round.  When we pulled in yesterday I was wowed.  It’s a nice spot, the park models are pretty cute, and the park is geared to offer a lot to those who stay here.

I think I’ll be taking advantage of the pool while we’re here.  That’s what you do when it’s hot and there’s a pool available, right?

Overall, a good first night.  And now it’s off to work.  The original website has been backed up, we’re gathering images today, and soon the website reconstruction begins.  Want a look at the website before we get to work?  Check it out now by clicking here!  It will be changing very soon!

The check in building here is pretty impressive!

The check in building here is pretty impressive!

P.S.  Just wanted to thank Emily over at Pioneer Perfume for giving a nod to The Airstream Chronicles in her latest post.  She’s Airstream Dreaming!  Great article, and she got to stay in a 1954 Anderson Trailer.  Pop by her site and read the full article!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! So funny — I wanted a house of my own, and now that we’ve been homeowners for three years, I want a house on wheels! I’ll have to check out your photography guides — yours are stunning.

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  3. Yes there site needs a make over. Had a smile when I saw the rate card page.

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