From “full-timer” to “no-timer” – Missing the Airstream

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Home is where you park it

6 years of being in the Airstream “full-time.”  there were many moments I wished for more space than 200 sq feet.  And there were many times I wished the shower was bigger, and there was more hot water to be had.  And with the move into a rental house I found more space, bigger showers, and infinite hot water.  But more and more, I find myself missing the Airstream.

What the Airstream lacked in space it made up for in simplicity.  The kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom were only a few steps apart.  Not much room to get too messy in either.  And finally, the Granite Dells were my back yard.  Go figure it wouldn’t take long before it struck me how good I really had it with such a simple setup.

Of course, the house has it’s perks.  I’ve listed several above.  Also, real high speed internet, that’s a real plus.  But is it worth it?  I don’t know.  I have until next January to figure that one out.  In the meantime I really need me an Airstream trip, even if for a few days.  I’m missing my little aluminum home!

One thing is for sure, if I can get the Portraits Across America idea to work then I’ll get some time in my portable house once again.


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