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PlanksI’m definitely falling behind!

See, lately I’ve been “pre-posting”.  Writing entries in advance.  Makes it easier on me at times, especially if I have a lot to blog about.

But since the trip last week I seem to be slacking on the blog front.  Here it is, 2:30 PST and I’m at work realizing I hadn’t posted anything for today.  Not good, clearly slacking.

In my defense I’ll say that I’ve been very busy today.  We’ve got the show in 2.5 weeks and I’m getting new prints ready.  Some stuff that you’ve never seen, that I’ve never printed, etc.  Should be pretty cool.

The bulk of the morning was spent chatting with customers, and the printer sat idle.  Finally a little afternoon I was able to start printing.  4 new 16×24″ canvas wraps from Borrego Springs.  Yup, some really new stuff indeed.

Currently I’m procrastinating.  Looking through Lightroom2 for about an hour now picking Ghost Town shots.  I’m thinking 2 more 16×24’s from that series.  Maybe a 24×36″ as well.  We’ll see.

One print that I think I might go bigger with is the image on today’s post.  What do you think???

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  1. I really like the tones and the detail, but it’s crooked. I’m sure you will disagree as you always do when I say that 😉 , but it’s crooked.
    By the way, did you know crocked means drunk… I almost typed it’s crocked, but it didn’t look right. I’m sure you have noticed this by now but I can’t spell.

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    Oh Josh, you gave me a fantastic laugh coming home. I pulled up your comment and laughed out loud. 🙂

    Yes, it is crooked. 🙂 I like it crooked. Maybe I’m dating myself here, but as a kid I watched the original Batman series. Often they’d shoot rooms really crooked…… 😉

    Oh, they’d also put cartoon “Bams” and “Pows” and “Kerchuncks” into the video as well. As you can see, no cartoon captions in the image at all…..for the moment….. 😀

  3. Rich, I love good photos of old structures, and this is a good one. Montana has got some great old ghost towns and I bet you could interpret them well. Just left Chiricahua Nat. Monument and that’s another place you should visit. Hope you had a great trip with Bill and Larry and Janie and I just regret we couldn’t linger.

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    So glad you like this one! 🙂 I’m always glad to hear that you like a shot. Someday I’ll have a stock of photos like you!

    We missed you in Borrego. Hope to see you some time down the road!

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