Fun with the iPhone – Paper Camera

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Everybody seems to have smart phones these days.  In my case?  An IPhone 4, not the 4S (I didn’t wait long enough).  Fantastic little device that’s used every day in my business.  Schedules, client info, e-mail, Facebook, accessing the blog, and a whole lot more.  Of course, the IPhone is loaded with apps.  And I have a few favorites.  One such favorite is Paper Camera.

A friend introduced me to paper camera a few months ago and I loved the effect.  Of course, I could do the same thing in Photoshop.  But it’s super convenient when you’re out playing without a DSLR and you’re wanting to make a few fun snapshots.

On Wednesday I arrived in Williams a little early in order to wander the town.  And while I wandered I broke out the IPhone, snapped Paper Camera on, and had a little fun.


Don’t you just love technology?

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