Some fun with photo restorations

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Today is a restoration day here at the studio.  I’ve got 3 tin types from one client, a severely faded and weathered 50 year old image that’s been hanging in a school, and a family treasure from another local client.

When doing restorations you’ve got to keep some copyright issues in mind.  Specifically, scanning in another studio’s photo is a “no no.”  If you bring me a print from an active studio and ask me to scan it and fix it I will say no.  The studio retains copyright, and consumers need to understand that.  You have to return to the studio you had your photo done and have them do your reproductions and restorations.

Now when it comes to really old photos I still check to see if they are active.  One of today’s restorations actually comes from an active studio.  Sure the image was shot 50 years ago, but the studio has been passed on.  Fortunately my client is informed on copyright, and he actually contacted the studio to see about a new print (the photo is very discolored and faded).  When he spoke with the new owners he learned they no longer have the negative, and they gave him permission to seek out restoration assistance.

Where we started.....


This is in process, but not yet complete.

The second gem I’m working on today is from one of my regular clients who is very into her family tree.  She’s been filling her house with reproductions and restorations from over 100 years ago!  And what she brought me this week is amazing!!!


Not only is the original in great condition, but the photographer’s information is intact as well.  A big bonus?  I found a Flickr group that actually highlights Preston!!!  And on the Flickr Group page there are tons of samples from H. Wooton’s studio.  Just amazing!

Okay, enough typing……  I’ve got to get back to work!


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