Genuine Fractals is just so cool!

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Photography, Photoshop 3 Comments

As 4th Friday Artwalk approaches fast (uh, tomorrow) I decided to put my newest Grand Canyon shot on canvas.  It’s only going to be a 16×24″ for now, but we’ll see what people think of it.

When resizing the image today I decided to give Genuine Fractals 6 a whirl.  For years I’ve been using PhotoZoom Pro 2, and I’ve been extremely happy with it.  But when I purchased OnOne’s software bundle the other week I got Genuine Fractals as part of the package…….

And I found a super cool toy nestled in Genuine Fractals.  It automatically sets up gallery wraps for you……..!  🙂

Do you have any idea how much of a time saver this feature is???

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