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Getting Green

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Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Gotta say I do miss regularly updating this site.

So I’ve been in WV / OH for a few months now.  Mostly it has been gray skies, rain, snow, cold days, and generally not too appealing.  Bummer for anyone who likes to be outdoors.  But now things are changing.  I guess Spring has really arrived.

Across the street from the new office (out the office window) is the scene above.  A house atop a hill with green everywhere.  There’s something I just haven’t seen in years.  Things are blossoming everywhere, and the gray has given way to green.

Living in Arizona for nearly 6 years left me missing the green now and again.  I’d forgotten what it was like until recently.  And I am enjoying watching the season change.  My allergies are not enjoying it though, but hey that’s the price you pay.

At this point I’m not sure how long I’ll be out here.  Looks like it could be years.  And that’s good, it means income.  But I do keep thinking of Arizona, and even though it’s not as green the desert really made an impact on me.  I think when this project is over I’ll be heading West again……  But in the meantime I’m enjoying a different kind of scenery.

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