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So OH / WV is coming out of Winter and right into Summer.  70’s, sun, green here and there……and Humidity.  Ick!

When I first arrived in Arizona back in 07′ I couldn’t believe how dry it was.  I’d never experienced anything like it in my life.  I’d always lived near ponds, lakes, and the ocean.  And humidity was part of life.  You never really thought about it.  But after being in AZ for so long I’ve been spoiled.  And now that the warm humid air is around I really notice it.

Yesterday driving into the office I felt like all of my clothes were wet right out of the washer.  But that wasn’t the case.  They’d been washed and dried days before, and were hanging in the closet.  Dry is now a relative term in my mind, at least while I’m living here.  🙂

I’ve settled in for the long haul now.  All the newness of the job has worn off.  I know what we’re doing, and I know my part in it.  So that’s a positive.

As for getting to know the area around me……  Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen.  6 and 7 day workweeks means there’s little time for exploration.  Or for photographing what I see.  Still, I am getting the itch to shoot a few frames.  And that’s positive.  Of course, I’ll have to wade through the layer of humidity.

Awwwww, Arizona you spoiled me.  🙂

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