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Months ago I wrote about re-starting my Zenfolio account.  As usual, my work has taken a backseat to other people’s work on the site.  Zenfolio is working great for client reviews, and now it needs to start working great for my own work.

I think every small business owner out there understands that their own work takes a backseat to client work.  The cobbler’s kids have no shoes, right?

So, today while uploading another set of client images I also fit in some of my own images.  Fun fun!  I’m finally starting to build photo sets of my own for sale on the site.  Of course, shortly I have to get back to my client files, as they still take priority and always will.

Below you’ll see some thumbnails that link to my “Airstream” collection.  I still have more Airstream images that I need to get up, and they will get added in time.  🙂

[ZFP_PhotoSet id='3397763']

For all of you out there who have always said this Airstream photo or that Airstream photo would sell well…….now is your chance.  When you click on any of these images you’ll be brought into the Zenfolio library, and you can purchase an image to be all your own!

Given the fact I’m trying to figure out a way to travel cross country this August, purchases would be appreciated!  😉

Keep a watch out, I’ll be adding more libraries soon.  Of course, you can also go directly to my Zenfolio Site by clicking this link.



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