Planning a road trip in 2012 – Man, it’s expensive!

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I need some more photos like this… I’ve got to get on the road again!

Since I hit the road in 2006 to deal with several life changing events a lot has changed.  The medical issues are resolved, I found a new place to hang my hat, and the world has moved forward.  Part of the changes outside of my own life?  Inflation everywhere?  Yeah.  Food prices, general merchandise…..and yup, fuel costs.

Trying to work out the logistics of an August trip back to New England involves financial planning.  There’s rent to be paid, monthly bills to be covered (insurance of all kinds), preexisting bills to pay, etc.  And then there’s the gas as well.

Depending on the route I plan we’re looking at 2600 to 3400 miles one way.  Worst case scenario round trip?  6800 miles.  Towing the Airstream the truck gets around 12 mpg.  Not bad for towing a portable home, but with gas prices where they are?  Yeah we’re talking about 566 gallons.  And that’s if there’s no side trips planned, driving around New England, etc.  At current prices here ($3.69) we’re looking at a gas bill of $2,091.  And all of this is optimistic planning so far.

So, what I’ve concluded?  Between now and July 15th I need to raise about $6,000.00 for the trip.  That’s gas, rent, gallery rent, general bills, etc.  And that doesn’t include current operating expenses at the business, groceries between now and then, etc.  So, how do we do it?  Well, I know it’s possible.  I have many friends who spend a good part of the year on the road earning their living and traveling.  I need to start retooling my thought process to making it happen.

Currently I’m pursuing two avenues.  The Portraits Across America concept, and trying to raise my online sales of images through Zenfolio.  If you’ve got ideas please feel free to pass them along.  I’d really like to make this August trip a reality.  It’s time to see family as it’s been too long.

And finally, don’t forget…..all the photographic opportunities along the way.  The last time I crossed the country with the Airstream in tow I wasn’t feeling so hot.  This time?  Yeah, epic photo opportunities await!

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