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Why take the Airstream on the road in August

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Knowing your market

I’ve now been in business for 4 years, and I’ve actually observed several trends that I can count on.  I’ll tell you about a few of them.

  • September is a very busy month.  My painters who do reproductions with me return from their shows around the country with depleted stock.  It’s normally one of my busiest months.
  • April is another crazy busy month.  Reproduction clients come in to get ready for their summer show season!
  • Spring and Fall are the peak “wedding months”.  This is when wedding photographers are normally at their busiest.
  • My print and canvas sales normally see a spike in November & December.
  • And finally, July and August my business falls off a cliff into the abyss every year.  My print clients are out of town at shows or on vacation.  Nobody is looking for portrait sessions during these two months.  And each year I have found myself way in the red at the end of the two month period.

Knowing my business well I’ve always tried to come up with something to do during these two months to offset the drop off in revenues.  And I’ve always said to myself, “You should leave town, go shoot around the country, and return home with new images at the start of September.”  Of course, with two no income months you’re hard pressed to find revenue to cover the trip!

So, I think I’ve finally figured out how to raise the funds.  Later this week I’ll post on my idea, and let the public decide if we’ll see the Airstream out on the road in August.  Hopefully we will, and that will mean some great blogging again in August along with some new images from across the country.


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