Ghost Towns of Arizona: Status update

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vultureroundone-5So, I’ve covered a few ghost towns, mining sites, and what are considered minor sites.  What’s been seen so far?

  • “Big Tom’s” private ghost town in Yarnell, AZ.  That was the spot that really got my interest in the first place!
  • Bisbee, AZ.  An active ghost town, but still a ghost town for sure.  The history, the mining, the tragedy.  It all fits!
  • Lowell, AZ.  What remains is very cool indeed!
  • Pearce, AZ.  Another neat location.  Not too far of a drive from Toombstone or Bisbee.  While little remains, the few buildings left behind from long ago are in pretty good shape.
  • Gleeson, AZ.  Another interesting area.  Remote dirt road, washboard riding, and a few buildings of interest.
  • Courtland, AZ.  Several failing structures here and there.  Along the Ghost Town Trail.  Good name for the road.
  • Stanton, AZ.  Now run by the LDMA, the remaining buildings in Stanton are well cared for.  Still, it’s a surprise pulling into a unique RV park and active mining community.  If you’re interesting in “striking it rich” you might want to investigate the LDMA!
  • Finally, Vulture, AZ.  I have so much more to sort through from yesterday’s trip.  Seriously, the place is a “gold mine” for photographers.  So sorry for the bad joke there.

That’s the list to date.  I’ve got a lot more ground to cover over the next few months, but I think I can do it.

vultureroundone-6Any particular reason to hit all the ghost towns?  Coffee table book in mind maybe, hmmmmm?  Nope, not at all.  I’ve just become very intersted in these places and I’m enjoying a reason to visit them.  If a few good photos come out of the tours all the better!

So, what’s on schedule next.  Huge trips across the state again?  Probably not in the near future.  Honestly there’s a good deal around here too.  I’m going to focus in on the Prescott area over the next week or two.  Sites in mind include:  Humboldt, Walker, the Walker Kiln, the Senator and Maxton sites, Mayer, Cordes, Cleator, Crown King, Jerome, Clarkdale, and a few other minor sites.  This should take me two weeks at least, maybe three.  Many of the sites noted are minor with only a small amount of debris left behind.  But each is still a valid location, and each has my interest!

Keep checking back.  You never know when I’ll find the next gem……not sure if they mined gems here, but ah well!

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    Hey Daniel, thanks for the compliment! Bodie is on “the list.” First I have to finish AZ though. It was a goal I set for myself, and I’m not allowed to shoot ghost towns outside the state until I finish here. Silly rules…..:)

    I’m pretty sure I’ve checked out your stuff too through HDR spotting. Just re-looked, and really cool! I’ve bookmarked you now, so I’ll be checking in. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

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