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Good bye to an old friend

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Last night I officially called it. My 5 year old IPod Video gave up the ghost. What a sad moment.

The video IPod was one of the first out there.  I remember reading about IPods having video capability and I just didn’t know what to make of it.  Would it really be watchable?  Would my eyes get worse?  Etc, etc, etc.

Well, I ended up purchasing one back in 2005.  At the time I was in and out doctors’ offices, and you know how that goes.  Wait, wait some more, and finally, wait a little while longer.  Why is it they can never make their appointment times.

While I was working through my illness I was pretty jumpy.  You know, feeling crummy for months on end definitely doesn’t leave you feeling totally stable.  One thing that always helped me mellow out back then was a favorite cartoon or two……..

So, the Video IPod + Favorite Cartoons = A way to take my mind off of being nervous while at the physicians!

What a great little gizmo.

Since it’s initial use as a “safety blanket” for me, it’s seen a lot of action.  Traveling cross country twice with the Airstream in tow.  Hikes into the Dells.  Hikes in Sedona.  Hikes in CO.  Hikes in UT……I think you get the idea.

That little IPod sure did get a workout with me.

The battery never failed during the time I owned it.  Guess I got lucky there.  So many people I’ve spoken with don’t even get 3 years out of their batteries.  In my case, it just kept going and going…..  Maybe it was an Energizer?  🙂

In the end, while disappointed at the loss of my 60GB Video IPod I think I can say that it did a great job.  I can’t even begin to speculate how much I used it.  Every road trip, hours on end for months on end while roaming the country, and then all the time it was played in the Airstream!  Whew, it sure had some mileage on it.

So, good bye to the Video IPod.  You’ll be missed.  While I dig my IPod Touch, it just doesn’t have the storage capacity you had.  We’ll have to see what Apple offers up next…………

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  1. I send my condolences. I finally synced my contacts and calendar into our iPod touch today. My One-to-One Apple session tomorrow morning will further review how I can get the most out of this gadget.

    Perhaps an iPad is in your future.

    iPhone might someday be in our future, if they ever switch carriers to Verizon!
    .-= Bill D.´s last blog ..Footnotes =-.

  2. WOnderful eulogy – brought a tear to my eye. Give my regards to the next of kin. During this time of trial, if you’d like a tin of frozen lasagne or meatloaf, I can email one over (isn’t that what people do is send frozen food during these trying times?)
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Composition and the Angle of View =-.

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