Great news that I have to keep a lid on…sort of

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Yesterday morning Ian got a call that could change everything for him.  The call was from a man who was calling from another phone.  The man said things to him.  Ian became extremely excited.

See, I’m trying to remain stealthy here.  So, this is going to be vague circular talk.  If I get good at it I’ll consider running for some sort of office.

Next week some of Ian’s work might be featured on a national program.  Well, probably not maybe, probably definitely.  But that’s as deep into it as I can get at the moment.  We’re not sure how much we can or can’t say.

Well, I certainly hope the gallery’s web site is up to the challenge if things go the right way.  Next weekend might be extremely busy.

There, was that vague enough?  Yet somewhat encouraging?

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