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Guess who came to visit?

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Mike Young holding his new gallery wrap

Mike Young holding his new gallery wrap

Mike Young, of Airstream fame, popped by the gallery today.  See, he’d come up last week for a quick visit and a few prints.  One print couldn’t be completed the day he was here.

No, I’m not a slow printer.  Mike had an odd sized canvas request and I had to order the stretcher bars in for him.  And the wrap was done over the weekend……but he had one more request…..that Mike!  🙂

Mike’s second request was a 36 x 25″ print on Allure Rag.  Now I’ve been stocking Allure for weeks but only in 17 inch rolls.  For my personal printing.  I’m getting a kick out of unframed 11×17″ prints on Allure.  They look great, so I keep a little bin of unframed prints up front.  For a while I was using the HP PID Glossy, but my unframed pieces are all becoming Allure only prints…..

So, Mike was looking to do a larger print on Allure as he seems to like it as much as I do.  That meant I had to order some big rolls in this weekend.

Gotta say, Breathing Color turns around my orders super quick.  The shipment came in yesterday, which meant Mike could come up today for his print!

We just finished his new piece and it looks great.  He’ll be bringing that one home and framing it up in a custom frame he already has on hand.

Good to see you Mike!  First Borrego, now Prescott!


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