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The other week I wrote about the loss of my 2 year old Garmont footwear.  I’d mentioned that the logo on my old pair of Garmonts (not the ones that gave up the ghost) told me the shoes would take me further than I thought.  And my originals did…..the newer ones disappointed for sure.

Well, the challenge is now out there.  What trail shoes / sandals / boots will take me further?  How far?  How easy will they make it exactly?

It should be noted that I’m a die hard fan of Limmer Boots (I own some) and Chaco Hiking Sandals.  They rock.  But I needed something in between the heavy duty boot and the heavy duty hiking sandal…….

Adding into the new mix of outdoor footwear…..A new set of Keen hiking sandal / shoes.  Not quite like my Chacos, and definitely not a boot.  But considering the places I plan on walking and wading this year I decided to give keen a try…….. Heck, I even setup a shot of the new shoes while visiting the Sinaguan ruins today.  Take a look……..

My new Keen hiking sandal doohickies......

My new Keen hiking sandal doohickies......

Just so you know, yes, I got down really low to take this shot.  I was also “sans” sandal things.  Lying out on hot rocks in the middle of a ruin site with no shoes on just to produce an image.  The lengths I’m willing to go to.  Worst of all, I think Sadira got a shot of me while I was doing all of this…….probably gonna cost me to keep that one off the web.

And yes, the shot above was taken at a ruin site in the cinder fields.  Visit number 2 took place today!  It seems I’ve got to see a place one time, and the second time I really get what I’m after.

As a preview to posts and pictures to come I offer the following from today.  Check back soon to see the full story.

At a narrow canyon's edge this ancient ruin site still stands

At a narrow canyon's edge this ancient ruin site still stands

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  1. Well…I may have just gotten a picture of you, sans shoes laying on the dust of an ancient village floor (and it was just that poetic 😉 )

    Looking like the shots turned out great…I can’t wait to see the rest.

    What a fantastic day!

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