Happy 1 Year to The Airstream Chronicles Continued

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An "over baked" HDR, but it's still pretty cool, eh?

Wow, I remembered the date and everything!  Last year, August 11th, a new blog was born.  And my old blog faded into ashes.  Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles went through a forced evolution, and from the ashes came this site!

In 365 days of blogging I’ve posted over 400 times.  More than 800 downloads of the new podcast have taken place.  And I’ve had so many comments and made so many new friend via the blog.  Thanks to everyone who stops by here and participates.

With all of that said, I’ll step away from the nostaligia.  Already did that post a few days ago.  Let’s look ahead, shall we?

The Airstream Chronicles Continued has a long way to go.  There will be more Airstreaming in the coming year I’m sure.  Trips I’m sure about include a return to Bisbee and the Shady Dell, my annual pilgramage to Anza-Borrego (hey Bill & Larry), and a spring time jaunt to Cortez will be in order in 2010.  So, there’s a few spots that the Airstream will be rolling to.

There will be more photo trips too.  Not necessarily with the Airstream of course.  Why hitch up for an over night if you don’t have to?  And why hitch up if you’re planning on paddling Lake Powell?

So, what’s coming up in the near future for this blog?

  • September 25-28th I’ll be heading to Coyote Buttes South, Cottonwood Cove, Yellow Rock, and hopefully if the truck can pull it off, White Pocket.  If you don’t know what these places are I suggest checking out the following link.

    The path to Yellow Rock was washed out on my last attempt....looking forward to a second attempt!

  • Mid October I’m planning a drive along Cottonwood Canyon Road from end to end.  I’m also crossing my fingers on an opportunity in Oct to get into Coyote Buttes North.
  • The remainder of the Ghost Towns of Arizona will be shot this year.  I gave myself 1 calendar year to complete the project, and I intend to finish it out.  The summer heat has made a few of the locations undesirable to me, but I figure November and December would be a perfect time to visit such locations.
  • Canyonlands, the Needles, and Bryce are also on my mind.  They’re just not that far away, so I’m thinking about a few 3 day weekends in the near future.  I’ll fill you in when I find the time.  Thinking planned trips might not be as interesting as “by the seat of my pants” type of stuff.  Watch and read…….

There will be more of course.  But I don’t plan as far ahead as I used to.  Shorter time frames all around, that’s what I keep practicing.  So, you’ll never know until I go off and do whatever it is I do.  In the end, that should keep things interesting, and fill another year of blogging easily!

Oh, and so you know, I’ll still be practicing with my photography.  More realistic HDRs than ever before, super surreal HDRs that will hopefully bend reality ever so slightly, lots of stuff in the middle, and lots of stuff that has nothing to do with edits, HDR, or any other technical changes.  That’ll all be shared here too!

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