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Several years ago I discovered Trey Ratcliff.  The first time I saw the guy’s images I thought my brain would explode.  Seriously, his images are so amazing, so far beyond “real” that you can’t help but stare for long periods of time.  Big thumbs up to Trey, just amazing work!

Recently Trey started a new project.  Well, a few new projects.  First, his new newsletter.  You bet I set up to be on that mailing list day one!  Right behind the newsletter he pulled together HDRSpotting.com.  This site shows some extremely cool HDRs every day.

Each time I go to the site I find something else amazing.  I find another photographer’s website or blog, and go figure, I add yet another bookmark that I read each week.  The most recent that really grabbed me?  Phil Cohen’s “Daily Portsmouth,” out of Portsmouth, NH.  My old backyard.  Phil has a very cool style, and combined with that style is the town of Portsmouth!  The combination makes for some compelling images, and it leaves me wishing I could go to the Portsmouth Brewery one more time…..  🙂

So, while you’re cruising the net for the morning go check out HDRSpotting.com, and discover how many cool HDR photographers are out there!  Clicking on the images will bring you to the photographer’s website, so be sure to find a few new favorites.  Of course, come back here when you’re done!  🙂

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    Thanks Dave! HDRSpotting is extremely cool, and it’s driving me even more to work on my own style. I love seeing what everyone else sees. Gotta say, the Internet rocks when used as a resource to learn and share.

    Just popped over to your blog and added it to my reader. Gotta say, HDRSpotting is filling up my RSS reader fast!!!

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