Hello October

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I meant to post yesterday, but instead I spent the day running errands.  Hey, sometimes blog posts don’t happen.

Here we are already in October.  There’s a little chill in the air lately and I like it.  Fall always makes me think of New England and I get a little homesick.  The leaves are most likely turning, the smell of wood smoke has probably already hit the air once or twice (loved my wood stoves), and apple cider is most likely flowing.  Ah yes, New England.

Still, Arizona is a nice place to be during the Fall too.  We get that morning chill, but we have beautiful days with hyper blue skies.  The temperature is just right.  Bonuses in every trade off.

This month I’ll try to be a little consistent with the postings.  I’m thinking Monday / Wednesday / Friday.  Maybe I’ll have enough material to do at least 3 per week.  Lacking a little inspiration lately if you haven’t noticed.  Hopefully we’ll find some more again in the near future.

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